Welcome The Challenge Who is Ben Blowes Needs Media Sponsorship Charities Team Contact Us
Welcome The Challenge Who is Ben Blowes Needs Media Sponsorship Charities Team Contact Us

Ben is a 45 year-old self-employed roofing contractor from Suffolk, father of two sons (Joel 7 and Spencer 5) and husband to Louise.

As you can tell from his track record, he is passionate about achievement, endurance and pushing the limits.

Who is Ben Blowes?

Marathon Runner

He has completed 30 marathons and has ran the London marathon 10 times with a personal best time of 2 hours 48 minutes.

Ultra Distance Runner

He has completed various ultra-marathon running races including ‘London2Brighton’ (100km) in 11 hours 12 minutes and the ‘South Downs Way Challenge’ 100 mile running race in 20 hours 19 minutes.

Guinness World Record Holder

He set out at the London marathon 2017 to break an official Guinness world record of ‘Fastest marathon carrying a household appliance (white goods)’. Guinness had set a time of under 6:00 hours for the

record to stand. He trained for this event for 12 months and ran a time of 5:58 carrying a

25kg tumble drier strapped to his back and broke the record. His picture appears in the 2018 edition of the Guinness World Records book.   More

Boxer and Boxing Coach

He boxed competitively for a number of years before moving into coaching. He eventually became head coach of the prestigious ‘Cambridge University Amateur Boxing Club’ where I spent 4 years in charge and guided the team to a varsity winning match against fierce rival’s Oxford.

Crossfit Competitor

For the last 3 years he has been competing in various CrossFit competitions around the country. Although relatively new to the sport

He has enjoyed some success with various podium placements.

BBC2 Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week

In April 2016 he filmed the BBC2 television programme “Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week”. He was one of 22 selected out of 5000 applicants to make it through to filming which took place in and around Cape Town, South Africa. The programme aired in January 2017 and saw him taking part in exercises such as surf torture/sleep and hunger deprivation/strenuous physical exercise, all set by Special Forces experts from around the world. See