Welcome The Challenge Who is Ben Blowes Needs Media Sponsorship Charities Team Contact Us
Welcome The Challenge Who is Ben Blowes Needs Media Sponsorship Charities Team Contact Us
Ben will be meeting with local media at a Press Launch in March

Welcome to the Blowes Rows Website

Ben Blowes is a an ordinary guy, aged 45,  with a wife and two sons, and if you’re in Suffolk and look up at a roof you might see him in his “day job” as a self-employed roofing contractor ………

But he’s far from ordinary in some of the challenges he faces……as an endurance athlete and involved in amateur sports for most of his adult life……holding a Guinness world record at the London marathon for ‘Fastest marathon carrying a household appliance (white goods)’. …in his case a tumble dryer. Just one of his 30 Marathons (10 in London) no to mention the ultra-marathons (up to 100 miles. He was featured on national television in the BBC2 television Programme “Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week.

As you can tell from his track record, he is passionate about achievement, endurance and pushing the limits….and now he is taking on an even greater challenge……to row the Atlantic on his own:


You can follow his challenge through this website and the associated social media pages    

He will be setting out as one of about 30 boats taking part in the 2019 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, a 4,800km journey east to west. Some of the boats 7m long by 2m wide will have crews of 4 or 2, and some others rowed by individuals. Competitors have to battle storms, navigation, sharks, hunger, sea sickness, soreness, loneliness and 16 hours a day rowing for two months.

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This isn’t just a personal challenge for Ben. As with his previous exploits he hopes to raise money for charities – with whom he has a personal connection

This your opportunity to be a more active participant with Ben.

Details of how to give will be forthcoming.

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Getting to the start line is not cheap so Ben is looking for companies to Sponsor him.

The event attracts a lot of global interest, including in the UK.

There are various levels of sponsorship that can give exposure to your brand or company.

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